About Me

Who am I?

My name is Donald Peterson. I’m a singer/songwriter merged with an online marketer. I have been a keynote speaker, as well as a minister, and I love ballroom dancing. I’m also a seeker, and a communicator of life transforming truths.
This last title is the glue, which holds everything together, and it compels me to create this blog.

You see it is as a seeker that I came to discover what I believe our greatest aspiration should be, and that is to discover our gift, embrace the development and sharing of that gift, and become a Co-Creator with God!!!Because I am a seeker, my inner pain and emotional paralysis drove me to study and discover what was keeping me in so much pain, and stuck. I became the subject of my own human experiment!!! I was studying personal development, going to therapy, and trying everything without breakthrough.

I finally began asking the question: Why hasn’t personal development worked for me? Even why hasn’t my Christianity worked for me? The answers, which I discovered, saved my life, and those answers are the focus of this journey here on “YOU ARE THE MIRACLE “!!!

If you have found yourself asking the same questions, then you are in the right place.


Donald E Peterson