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Closing The Gap Between Your Mind And Your heart

Closing The Gap

Many people are looking for a miracle, even miracles in their lives. They may or may not be aware, that they themselves are often The Miracle that they have been waiting for.

When it comes to finding the answer as to: how can someone heal, the inner ache, which so many experience, how can someone Close The Gap between where they are, (the mind), and where they really want to be, (the heart), regarding their health, their finances, joy, peace of mind, relationships?

This is why I am writing this blog.

In the words which I have written above I am talking about me, it is a brief description of my story. For so long I just hurt inside without realizing why, so I escaped into fantasy, television, and eventually numbed the pain through addictions, and compulsive behavior. These were my coping mechanisms and without my realizing it they were having a self-sabotaging, self-destructive affect on my entire being, and my life!!! I did not realize that there was a gap between my mind, (consciousness), and my heart, (subconscious power), and that this gap was created by childhood wounding’s and trauma.

 How do we Close The Gap? That is what this blog is about!!!

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